Timelock Release Their New EP ...stay awake...

maandag 21 juni 2021 10:35

Timelock Release Their New EP ...stay awake...

Time to unlock: the neo-progressive band Timelock's return after a 13 year hiatus with a brand new EP.

A few months ago, after a silence of 13 years, the Dutch prog band Timelock announced that new material was on the way. By now, a sample of their resurrection has been released. And how does that sound? Well, let's say they skipped the 2.0 upgrade and went straight onto their 3.0 version.
The input of Timelock veterans Julian Driessen (keyboards) and Ruud Stoker (vocals) is clearly present, but more talent has been added. For example, the band has been given an extra 'bite' through Martin Hendriks on guitar and Rob Boshuijzen on drums - they also played in Timelock during the Circle of Deceptionera - and by attracting the young and very skilled bass acrobat David Guurink.
But the cherries on the proverbial cake make the real difference: Arjen van den Bosch (orchestral keyboards) and singers Laura Eradus and Coby van Oorschot. They provide an almost Nightwish-like feel.

By now, the EP called ...stay awake... with 4 new songs has been released. A full album will be released later this year with 6 more new songs, including a 19-minute epic.
Watch video clip of the EP’s title track below.