Luíra Premieres New Single And Lyric

vrijdag 7 mei 2021 09:37

Dutch-Norwegian solo artist Luíra released her third single and lyric video called Free. Along with the already published 2 tracks, Inner Drum and Secret Medicine, Luíra celebrates her first musical compilation which is also available on Bandcamp.

Luíra is a young classically trained multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who moved to the north of Norway. The music of Luíra is an acquired taste: a unique blend of contemporary classical, experimental alternative rock and folk music.

Coming from classical music and travelling later on through the thrilling world of heavy metal with her band Adeia, this is something completely different and exciting!

About Free
"Not a single sound. No illuminating spectrum colours that meet the eye. Not even a little warm vibration of energy around. Lying in the dark. Anxious. Silent as the tiniest mouse. Trying to hold the breath. With only one clear thought: I will get out of here. One day. Now, slowly waking up, it feels like light years have passed. This day, transforming into the most magical of nights, walking on a small sandy beach with white surrounding mountaintops keeping me safe, I observe with awe the astonishing canvass of light fairies high above in the sky, and watch a loving otter family play with each other in these pure, cold poetic waters of the fjord. The beautiful, glittering stones at the shore whisper old and long lost stories, trusting me to keep their secrets. While taking in all these ravishing senses, I slowly sit down under a few small, but strong arctic trees on this other- worldly island. Feeling the softness of the snow crystals beneath my feet, I let myself fall on the safe, soothing snow surrounding me.

Calmly I close my eyes. Feel. Listen. Be.

This palette of light energies and mother nature welcoming me as a true friend, tell me that it`s time.

Then, softly and deliberately, opening them again, I cannot be more sure.

I am Free."- Luíra decribes the track