Between The Jars Release New Single And Video The Swarm

vrijdag 7 mei 2021 10:04

Between The Jars released their new song and music video The Swarm on all digital platforms. The first single of Between the Jars’ sophomore album What’s to Come reflects on the start of the current pandemic,where our world is in the grasp of the virus. Singer Florian Albronda writes from his own experiences as he caught the virus twice in the summer of 2020. The Swarm conveys the virus as a new entity coming into our world, reproducing and mutating itself. With fast-paced riffs and drumbeats, the chaotic nature of this process is sonically echoed, eventually leading to the outcome that we might have to accept the presence of this new entity among us. We might have to learn to live with it and, like the virus itself, adapt.

The Dutch rock formation's new album What's to Come will be released internationally on 28th May 2021. These young enthusiastic musicians took a step further in their career with their new album that you'll hopefully enjoy listening. In their sophomore album, Between the Jars extend the vision of their debut album, to use their music to reflect and analyse what's going on in the world. A lot has happened since the release of their debut album in 2020. Their second album What's to Come takes a more introspective approach, focusing and reflecting on their own experiences during a tumultuous year. This approach makes What's to Come feel like a more personal and vulnerable endeavor than its predecessor. By welcoming more experimental and modern sounds in their music, they have not only conceptually but also sonically taken the next step on their musical journey.