Perfect Storm new album No Air

vrijdag 19 maart 2021 10:45

Perfect Storm Celebrate The International Release Of Their New Album No Air 

The Dutch rock formation's new album No Air has been released internationally via Glassville Records on 19th March 2021. Where one moment it’s like a soft breeze in your ear, another moment it’s like a  devastating tornado testing your eardrums. Perfect Storm consist of extremely dynamic and adventurous Dutch musicians, founded in Groningen, but influenced from all wind  directions. With smashing guitar riffs, driving drums, tight bass lines, velvet voices and  enchanting piano parts this new project brings the musical andscape an irresistible whirlwind from high and low pressure areas.

The boundless, melodic and at times virtuoso rock music of Perfect Storm is mainly the  result of the vision of guitarist / songwriter Gert-Jan Schurer. He draws from his own  experience and the broad range of sounds with which he grew up. Rock acts such as Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson and jazz-cats like Pat Metheny are among the soundtrack of  his life, but also film composers such as Hans Zimmer and electro-acts in the line of Aphex Twin leave their mark in the music of Perfect Storm.

The members of Perfect Storm prefer melody to musical showoff powerhouse, but do not shy away from a compelling instrumental passage or an impressive solo. Catchy melodies and a striking energetic attitude, however, make the dynamic music accessible above average. Thanks to the dualistic vocals between man and woman (à la modern Anathema), a lot of atmosphere is created - a key word within this group!

Gert-Jan has already earned his spurs in and around Groningen as a guitarist in various settings. The other members of Perfect Storm are also anything but babies in the scene. For example, lead singer Adel Saflou from Syria is active in the underground favorite Ambrotype. Keyboardist / singer Ard Offers, drummer Jesse Bosman, bassist David Klompmakers and lyricist / singer Hiske Oosterwijk are also active in various acts. Their varied backgrounds provide a joint sound that is difficult to place in a box. But there is no doubt that this is the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane!
DEBUT ALBUM "NO AIR"After various home recordings and recording sessions in several recording studios, the impressive debut album "No Air" is now ready. Finally: Vlerk, known for his illustrations for the Vera pop venue in Groningen, is responsible for the artwork. To once again indicate that the music of Perfect Storm equals with quality.